BOYSDONTDRAW is an art initiative founded by artist Stefan Perić from Ottawa, ON, Canada. Stefan is a first generation ex-Yugoslavian immigrant and the founder, owner, and artist of BOYSDONTDRAW. With a humble start March 2017, Stefan began doodling on his iPad while listening to his favourite music. Since then Stefan has been taking BOYSDONTDRAW to a variety of different art shows and events. BOYSDONTDRAW is a passionate amalgamation of media drawing on a variety of different sources. Hip-hop music is the soul of the art, rooted in the influence of pop and conceptual artists such as Andy Warhol and Barbara Kruger. BOYSDONTDRAW puts a modern spin on techniques used by the pop/conceptual art greats of the past to create transformative portraits of musical talent and so much more.



Manufacturing & Shipping

As a small, fairly new business, the majority of our merchandise at BOYSDONTDRAW is MTO (make-to-order) - meaning it’s only created once we’ve received a request for it. This means we humbly ask that our patrons remain patient when ordering from our store, as we are unable to ship out to your location until we’ve received your order, sent a request for the item(s) to be made and received the item(s) back - at which point we can quality check and process your order for shipping. We send out the request for your purchased item from our store to be made within 24 hours of your order, meaning it could take up to about 10 business days until your item(s) are ready to ship.

We hope in the future to have more ready-made stock on hand to ensure you receive your purchase as fast as possible with a much shorter processing time. Until then, we remain committed to ensuring you receive your order in a timely manner and are satisfied with your purchase.

If for some reason you are having issues with your order, and would like to reach out to us, please fill out the form here.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and patience, it is always immensely appreciated.



Return Policy

All products are final sale. However, we do deal with returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis. If you received an incorrect order or if you are unsatisfied with the sizing or fit of your product, please e-mail boysdontdraw@gmail.com and we will resolve the issue accordingly.